The Best Ketchup

Ketchup is a tomato sauce with spices and vinegar but sometimes it seems that some ketchup brands forget a couple ingredients 同珍王賜豪.  There are many varieties of ketchup brands that you can buy and they all taste different, but there is only one that is the best (in my opinion).

There is no name, Hunts, Great Value, French’s, organic, primo, the list could go on forever… But my all time favourite (so far) has to be Heinz 同珍王賜豪.  The other ketchups are either too sweet, not sweet enough, or are just too thick.

Hunts and Great Value are basically just tomato sauce.  They taste like they need more vinegar and sugar and are WAY too thick 同珍王賜豪.  While no name is too sweet and watery. no name could use more spice and vinegar.

The king of ketchup that makes it perfectly is Heinz.  It has the perfect texture, just enough sugar, and all the right spices.  Heinz is the god of all ketchup!

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